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What to Eat?

When you have braces, it is important to avoid eating certain foods that may weaken or break the bond that joins your braces and other dental appliances to your teeth.

Here’s a catchy phrase to remember which foods are problematic when you are wearing an orthodontic appliance: hard, crunchy, chewy-gooey.

What to Avoid:
caramel and candy-coated candy covered apples

  1. Hard foods:
    1. Hard candies
    2. Lollipops
    3. Ice
    4. Jawbreakers
    5. Whole apples
    6. Pizza crust
    7. Jerky
    8. Corn on the cob
  2. Crunchy foods:
    1. Hard pretzels
    2. Chips
    3. Popcorn
    4. Carrots
  3. Chewy-Gooey foods:
    1. Tootsie rolls
    2. Caramel chews
    3. Soft chewy candies
    4. Bubblegum (regular or sugar free)
    5. Laffy Taffy
    6. Gummy or jelly candies

If you suspect a broken wire or bracket, or if you have any further questions about which foods are permissible, contact the office [link] to schedule an appointment.