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blue toothbrush, tooth mirror, and other dental utensils

Brushing and Flossing

At Maple Orthodontics, we arm every patient with proper oral hygiene and brushing tips for braces and other appliances, so you can maintain healthy gums and a dazzling smile during and long after your treatment.

In the meantime, here are some tips for how to brush and floss with braces to prevent getting white or yellow stains on your teeth


    1. Load a floss threader with dental floss.
    2. Thread the flosser up through the wire of your braces, pull the rest of the floss through about halfway.
    3. Gently work the floss between your teeth, and floss, taking care to press the string against the side of each adjacent tooth as you do so, one at a time.


    1. When brushing, be sure to use a brush with soft bristles
    2. Make sure to brush the front, sides and backs of your teeth, as well as above and below the bracket
    3. When brushing close to the gum, angle your brush away from the gum and towards the bracket
    4. Don’t forget to brush your tongue!
    5. If you have a small orthodontic brush, thread it in the gap between the wire and your teeth to clear your teeth of any food residue that might be stuck there after a meal.