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smiling girl holding two types of retainers


Once your teeth are straight and the braces are off, Dr. Sebastien will discuss with you possible retainer options to keep your teeth from shifting.

Types of Retainers

  1. Bonded lingual wire (a metallic wire that is bonded to the backs of your upper or lower teeth to stop them from shifting)
  2. Removable retainer (a removable, clear or wire retainer that must be worn every night)
  3. A combination of the two

Unless instructed otherwise, you should wear your removable retainer every night while you sleep, and brush it every morning with a toothbrush and toothpaste to keep it clean and clear.

How to Clean Removable Retainer

  1. wet toothpaste-coated toothbrush with water
  2. brush the inside and outside your retainer just like you would brush your own teeth: on the front, sides, and backs, making sure to clean off any saliva and food particles stuck in the cracks.
  3. rinse your retainer under the tap and place it back in your container for safekeeping